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“[I]t is essential for the proper functioning of democracy that communalism should be eliminated from Indian life.”

— B Shiva Rao, member of the Constituent Assembly and former journalist with The Hindu.

The one aspect of the Constitution of India that has come up for urgent and relentless attack is its secular character. Even a derogatory term has been invented to identify a proponent of a basic constitutional characteristic of every Indian citizen, sickularist. The other term to identify the errant non-Indian is left-liberal.
It, therefore, becomes an imperative for all secular, liberal, left and progressive people to not cede any ground nor concede to communalism, especially of the majoritarian kind, but surely even of other hues, big and small.
My quest to arm myself with the intellectual firepower to protect and preserve secularism will in some form is laid out here. I hope it will be useful for the stray reader who happens on this page. Here goes:

Let me first start by providing some useful links:

Article 370: