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Chief Minister debunks superstition that a visit to the town heralds downfall

Subhash Rai‘s insight:

In a commendable act Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar visited Chamarajanagar, the apparently jinxed town for any ruling chief minister. It is quite likely that his days as chief minister are be numbered, which might only add fortify the unfortunate myth.

This is no radical act by a BJP chief minister. After all, he visited the town to "celebrate" the "1053rd Jayanti" of a lingayat mutt. In his wholesome praise to the mutts in Karnataka, Shettar conceded that the BJP dispensation in Karnataka has so far doled out Rs. 480 crore to "encourage" mutts "to work further to help the public".

His visit to Chamarajanagar is probably more to do with Shettar’s eagerness to please the Suttur math and ensure some votes for himself than to debunk any superstitution.   

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