There’s one part of Tehelka that’s all investigative journalism and a potpourri of nice articles. Lately there’s another part that’s sound more like the PR arm of about Aarushi Talwar’s parents. At least it seems like that even for a sympathetic reader like me.

Last week we were given the rundown on what the magazine thought of the
case. We had some very touching pictures accompanying it too. The article did have snatches of good journalism and made some forceful points in favour of the distraught parents of the victim. (Let’s not bother about the other victim, if you don’t mind!) But faltered so often to sound like a PR piece for the Talwar couple.
It is actually was a disservice to the couple. That’s assuming Tehelka’s
intent is declare the parents innocent.

The magazine’s crusade sounded even more suspect when it’s managing editor came on national television and called the Talwars advocate by her “pet name” (Becky) and then spews fire and brimstone at a panelist for having a remotely contrarian view than her’s. The lady even confessed to have seen the parent in parties/social gathering and wondered how they where so composed. That’s probably okay. Tehelka shouldn’t be accused of being objective. They’ve preferred to be refreshingly brave.

But I’ve just got the latest issue of the magazine. There are quite a few
pages devoted to the Aarushi case again. While I have enormous sympathy
for Tehelka’s concerns, I wish they didn’t make a fetish out this one.