‘There are no jobs, food is very expensive’

Teaandchocolate has this to say in response to Nick Clegg’s lament to Jemima Khan:
Nick Clegg.
I think maybe I should offer you some advice.
You may think things are tough for you, but let me inform you, out here, it’s a lot more freaking tougher than you could even imagine.
People are losing their jobs, schools are being taken over by mad middle-class dames, the hospitals are about to be sold to the devil, there are no jobs, the economy is being run by a crank, there are no jobs, food is very expensive, and did I mention there weren’t any jobs ?

— End Quote —

divus before that felt:
I wonder what Gordon Brown’s kids felt like when Clegg constantly ridiculed and insulted him?

— End Quote —

Come Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown, and even our own venerable PM Manmohan Singh, there’s isn’t much difference in policy, and that’s what matters ultimately. Nick’s is just one man’s self-inflicted problem, but teaandchocolate’s is the real and widespread problem — transcending border even.

So, after all, it looks like it is not only Arabs who are in need to peaceful revolutions.

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